Washington - Enchanments via Glidecam

We can't get over how amazing this video is.  This is worth the 4 minutes out of your day!  If you're from Washington, you may have visited some of these areas.  From hidden crystal blue lakes to silent wooded forests shrouded in fog, this video will make you want to explore!

Chihuly Garden and Glass!

Have you ever wanted to wander through a forest of neon green glass ferns, with rainbow structures that mimic real life flowers and plants popping up here and there?  You must go to Chihuly Garden and Glass at Seattle Center!

Each room is a new perspective on the beautiful glass artwork made by Dale Chihuly.  Walk through stunning hallways, where glass seashells, starfish and underwater creatures seem to float above you.  With light shining through the bright orange, vibrant red and electric yellow glass - you'll feel like you're underwater with the sun shining down.

There's another room filled with chandelier-like structures in bright white, orange and red.  At the end of the tour, you're able to watch a few videos that show you an inside look on how Mr. Chihuly creates his stunning masterpieces.  Referring to his glass blown creations as "gourds" and "okras", he works with a small team of glass-blowing professionals to piece together these brilliant pieces of art.  He prefers to mimic real life with his work, leaving gaps and spaces "where nature would".

The outdoor section of this exhibit is amazing because the glass is placed within a very well maintained garden.  You'll see glass balls next to live ferns, and towers of glass that resemble one of our favorite childhood candy treats (rock candy!) along with perfectly placed spears in different shades of red.  If you're creative enough, you can even use the proximity of the Space Needle to this exhibit to your advantage:

In case you need another reason to visit, check out our hyper lapse of one of the rooms!

Fall and Winter Excitement!

Summer is always a crazy time for us with River Tubing and Whitewater Rafting!  Once the leaves start falling off the trees and the Seattle rain arrives, it's comforting to take a breath of fresh air!

We are so delighted that fall is here and in full force.  We have so many great things in store for you October through December.  We're always working hard to bring you new and exciting activities that allow you to do something different on the weekends.

Our Eastern Washington Winery Tour has always been a big hit, and we are happy to announce a second itinerary this year: Lake Chelan!  Many of you know about Lake Chelan as a summer destination, but did you know that it's also beautiful in the colder months?  The region is jam packed with beautiful vineyards, delicious wines and spectacular views.  We've made this into a day trip for you to experience everything the town has to offer without the stress of driving and staying overnight.

Our Wenatchee Winery Tour has been happening for 3+ years now, and we are excited to expand into the Ancient Lakes region with this year's itinerary.  We are working with Chateau Faire Le Pont again to get you that gourmet meal you know and love! We've also brought on an amazing new partner, Beaumont Cellars, who won numerous Gold Star Awards this year for their fantastic wine.  You'll also be getting free time to explore the new Pybus Public Market in Wenatchee.

If you're like most of our guests, you're EXTREMELY excited for winter and everything that comes along with it.  We are happy to be offering some great options for winter activities this year:

  • ULTIMATE WHISTLER WEEKEND!  Yes - this is every bit as epic as it sounds!  The weekend of December 12-14, we will be taking 55 lucky guests up to Whistler for a weekend of skiing, boarding, ski apre happy hours, and snow!  Your package includes round trip transportation, hotel accommodations, lift tickets, ski apre happy hours and fun! We put this event on sale very soon - don't miss out!
  •  Wreath Making + Gourmet Lunch! Get craft this holiday season and learn how to make your own wreath - don't worry, our staff is experienced and can show you exactly how to make these beautiful halos of holiday cheer!  On sale soon - sign up to be notified today.
  • Leavenworth Tree Lighting Getaway!  You've probably all heard about the beautiful Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony that takes place in Leavenworth in December.  We make this experience super accessible (and family friendly!) with our shuttles.  Head on over to Leavenworth with us for 5+ hours of exploration and Christmas spirit!


WOW!  What an incredible 4th of July weekend!  We saw a little bit of rain (wouldn't be Seattle without it!) and a whole lot of fireworks.  We got really excited about this footage of a drone flying through fireworks - pretty cool, right?

It's always cool to see a new perspective on something you see every year.

Speaking of new perspectives, here are some things we are excited about this month:




May 20, 2014
Seattle, WA
Cassie Hendrickson


How about escaping to Leavenworth for whitewater rafting this summer? Sound Excursions, a Seattle start-up, is handcrafting unique experiences to spice up your weekend with others who also wish to explore the great northwest. We’re kicking-off our first two excursions with Sushi Making + Sake Tasting and Whitewater Rafting!

Learn to make 5 sushi rolls and taste 3 types of sake at Chiso, one of the highest rated sushi restaurants in Fremont. Our next event is Saturday, May 31st at 1:30 PM.

·       Tickets are available at www.soundexcursions.com/sushi

·       Event dates are valid through June!

If you’re looking for something outdoors, then join us for a trip to eastern Washington.  Sound Excursions is also offering tickets for a whitewater rafting trip! Event dates start select weekends in June and fill up quickly.

·       Trip includes hitting the rapids, round-trip luxury transportation, beers and a riverside cookout!

·       Tickets are available at www.soundexcursions.com/whitewater-rafting

Any media who wish to join us for the excursions should please make arrangements for coverage prior to the event. We are more than happy to accommodate you with transportation and a one-of-a-kind Sound Excursions experience!

Sound Excursions was created to bring people together through shared experiences.  The leaders of Sound Excursions previously crafted local events with Livingsocial for Seattleites, taking 30,000+ people on adventures over the span of 3 years.  Since the cancellation of this division occurred, Sound Excursions is working hard to keep the spirit of adventure alive in Seattle with the same events you know and love.

Connect with us:

·      Twitter: @SoundExcursions

·       Instagram: @SoundExcursions

·       Facebook: www.fb.com/soundexcursions

·       Website: www.soundexcursions.com


Happy April!  Did anyone do an epic April Fools Day prank? If so, PLEASE tell us about it.  We could always use a good laugh.  In case you didn't do anything funny (like fake an engagement or pregnancy) check out this Pinterest Board for some inspiration for next year!

For Sound Excursions, April is a very exciting month!  We currently have our awesome Sushi Making + Sake Tasting on sale!  Make sure to keep an eye out for promo codes - we've got some good ones for you!

We can feel summer in the air, can you?  All this warm weather in Seattle has been getting us in the mood for some fun excursions and adventures!  We've been talking to many Seattle locals and were shocked to find out how many of you have never been to Leavenworth!  If you're one of those people, we've got some trips coming up soon that you'll want to check out.  Lucky for you, we have trips that allow you to explore Leavenworth in your free time after doing a fun activity like Whitewater Rafting and River Tubing.

We'll keep it short- make sure to check back often for new things to do!  If you want updates emailed directly to your inbox, sign up for our mailing list!


We hope everyone survived February!  We can feel summer coming (almost).  We are excited to announce some new events that will be on sale soon!  Do you know how to make sushi?  With our help, you will!


We are so happy to bring back Sushi Making + Sake Tasting this April!  We're teaming up with Chiso in Fremont to bring you the best ingredients around.  We've taught hundreds of Seattle folk to make their own sushi over the last couple years.  If you're looking for an excuse to taste some sake and roll some sushi - this event was made for you!  (To all the men out there - this is a great date night idea *hint hint*).

We know it's almost Spring Break, and we will all have to deal with seeing those Spring Break photos (sigh).  If you're one of the lucky ones that has an awesome vacation planned this March, do us all a favor and read this article: 6 Ways To Flaunt Your Spring Break Trip Without Annoying Your Facebook Friends. Get it? Got it? Good.

Onto other news - has anyone else noticed a HUGE increase in pointless "which-one-are-you?" quizzes on their newsfeed?  At this point in our social network, we now know exactly what type of Superhero Sally is, and what Disney character Sarah would be dating.  Okay- we'll admit that we've taken these, too.  Our personal favorites?

- What Should You Actually Eat For Lunch?

- How Many Justin Biebers Could You Take In a Fight?

- Who Said It: Kanye West or a Teenage Girl on Twitter?

Now you have something to do for the next 10 minutes.  We'll end March on that note - feel free to share your results.  We can't resist knowing what you should actually eat for lunch today.


How about them Seahawks?

Pretty awesome month we've had!  Seattle is still glowing from that Superbowl win.  I don't know about you guys, but we were out in the streets afterward!  We saw people jumping on cars, celebrating, and of course- not jaywalking.  (If you haven't seen that viral video of "How Seattle Riots" - it's worth checking out below).  Just another reason why we love our city.

This was our view on Sunday night!

This was our view on Sunday night!

Upcoming holidays are really on our radar right now.  It's never a bad time to plan ahead!  What do we have in store for you?  Quite a lot.  Let us elaborate: Valentines Day is all on you buddy, we figure you'll be out to dinner, or watching chick flicks with a glass of wine at home.  (Or maybe showering your dogs and/or cats with love and heart-shaped treats. This is what we like to do)  Next up, St. Patrick's Day - and we've got you covered on that!  Keep an eye out in the next couple weeks, we will be going live with our St. Patty's Day Boat Cruise so you can get your ticket.  If you're looking for an awesome time and a way to avoid the lines and packed bars, you'll find it! Not to mention, DUELING PIANOS!  It's basically karaoke without the microphone, or the words.  Who could pass that up?

We are REALLY excited to bring Sushi Making + Sake Tasting back to Seattle.  We team up with Chiso in Fremont every year for this kick-ass class on the art of sushi making.  It truly is an (edible) art.  Our favorite part is watching you get covered in sticky rice, try your own creations and display your talents in our Master Chef competition at the end.  Keep an eye out for this on-sale roll out (pun intended). 

One of our ALL TIME FAVORITE events will be up for sale here soon.  The Ultimate. Whistler. Weekend.  Yes, we mean Canada.  Yes, we're talking skiing, drinking, and taking in beautiful British Columbia.  We can't wait to have our repeat guests this year - last year was a BLAST!  Most of our staff would work this weekend for free, it's so awesome.  If you want to end the ski (or snowboard) season with a bang, this is the way to do it.  We take care of all the transportation and border hassle, lodging and two-day ALL MOUNTAIN lift tickets for each person.  We even care about you enough to deliver you breakfast in the mornings.  This event will be on sale shortly, we fully encourage you to come on out to our St. Patty's Day Boat Cruise, and get to know our staff.

We love getting to know you all and having you share our events and trips with your friends!  Most of our staff are home-grown Washingtonians, who have a pretty good idea of what you like to do.  However, we love to hear feedback on what YOU would like to see more of.  Would you like a trip out to the Olympic Game Farm to see the famous waving bears?  Or maybe a nice horseback riding and wine tasting event, straight out of a romance novel?  We're always up for ideas.  You folks, our customers, are our everything!  Let us know what you want to do as your next adventure, and we'll make it happen.

Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to get more updates! As always - laugh in the face of boredom!  See you soon.