How about them Seahawks?

Pretty awesome month we've had!  Seattle is still glowing from that Superbowl win.  I don't know about you guys, but we were out in the streets afterward!  We saw people jumping on cars, celebrating, and of course- not jaywalking.  (If you haven't seen that viral video of "How Seattle Riots" - it's worth checking out below).  Just another reason why we love our city.

This was our view on Sunday night!

This was our view on Sunday night!

Upcoming holidays are really on our radar right now.  It's never a bad time to plan ahead!  What do we have in store for you?  Quite a lot.  Let us elaborate: Valentines Day is all on you buddy, we figure you'll be out to dinner, or watching chick flicks with a glass of wine at home.  (Or maybe showering your dogs and/or cats with love and heart-shaped treats. This is what we like to do)  Next up, St. Patrick's Day - and we've got you covered on that!  Keep an eye out in the next couple weeks, we will be going live with our St. Patty's Day Boat Cruise so you can get your ticket.  If you're looking for an awesome time and a way to avoid the lines and packed bars, you'll find it! Not to mention, DUELING PIANOS!  It's basically karaoke without the microphone, or the words.  Who could pass that up?

We are REALLY excited to bring Sushi Making + Sake Tasting back to Seattle.  We team up with Chiso in Fremont every year for this kick-ass class on the art of sushi making.  It truly is an (edible) art.  Our favorite part is watching you get covered in sticky rice, try your own creations and display your talents in our Master Chef competition at the end.  Keep an eye out for this on-sale roll out (pun intended). 

One of our ALL TIME FAVORITE events will be up for sale here soon.  The Ultimate. Whistler. Weekend.  Yes, we mean Canada.  Yes, we're talking skiing, drinking, and taking in beautiful British Columbia.  We can't wait to have our repeat guests this year - last year was a BLAST!  Most of our staff would work this weekend for free, it's so awesome.  If you want to end the ski (or snowboard) season with a bang, this is the way to do it.  We take care of all the transportation and border hassle, lodging and two-day ALL MOUNTAIN lift tickets for each person.  We even care about you enough to deliver you breakfast in the mornings.  This event will be on sale shortly, we fully encourage you to come on out to our St. Patty's Day Boat Cruise, and get to know our staff.

We love getting to know you all and having you share our events and trips with your friends!  Most of our staff are home-grown Washingtonians, who have a pretty good idea of what you like to do.  However, we love to hear feedback on what YOU would like to see more of.  Would you like a trip out to the Olympic Game Farm to see the famous waving bears?  Or maybe a nice horseback riding and wine tasting event, straight out of a romance novel?  We're always up for ideas.  You folks, our customers, are our everything!  Let us know what you want to do as your next adventure, and we'll make it happen.

Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to get more updates! As always - laugh in the face of boredom!  See you soon.