Chihuly Garden and Glass!

Have you ever wanted to wander through a forest of neon green glass ferns, with rainbow structures that mimic real life flowers and plants popping up here and there?  You must go to Chihuly Garden and Glass at Seattle Center!

Each room is a new perspective on the beautiful glass artwork made by Dale Chihuly.  Walk through stunning hallways, where glass seashells, starfish and underwater creatures seem to float above you.  With light shining through the bright orange, vibrant red and electric yellow glass - you'll feel like you're underwater with the sun shining down.

There's another room filled with chandelier-like structures in bright white, orange and red.  At the end of the tour, you're able to watch a few videos that show you an inside look on how Mr. Chihuly creates his stunning masterpieces.  Referring to his glass blown creations as "gourds" and "okras", he works with a small team of glass-blowing professionals to piece together these brilliant pieces of art.  He prefers to mimic real life with his work, leaving gaps and spaces "where nature would".

The outdoor section of this exhibit is amazing because the glass is placed within a very well maintained garden.  You'll see glass balls next to live ferns, and towers of glass that resemble one of our favorite childhood candy treats (rock candy!) along with perfectly placed spears in different shades of red.  If you're creative enough, you can even use the proximity of the Space Needle to this exhibit to your advantage:

In case you need another reason to visit, check out our hyper lapse of one of the rooms!