Sound Excursions is GREAT! The tour guides were wonderful. Very professional and fun. We had a BLAST!!!
— Tonya P.
Such a fun day and Sound Excursions made it super relaxing and fun!
— Katy M.
It just all seemed very organized. After tubing they were standing there waiting telling us where to eat and where to meet to leave.
— Jennifer L.
They took care of all of the planning and execution for us. All we had to do was show up and have fun. Price was extremely reasonable.
— Thomas B.
I was so impressed with the professionalism, friendliness and incredible organization. This was an incredible experience and exceeded our expectations-great bang for the buck!
— Celeste M.
Had a blast white water rafting, I would book another trip.
— Keith C.
The bus trip over the mountains was on a deluxe bus that was immaculate and looked brand new. They give you snacks, water, suntan lotion and even plastic bags to stick your wet stuff in. This is a killer deal compared to what I have experienced, e.g., on a Royal Caribe cruise.
— Brent N.
You guys did an awesome job of putting this all together..absolutely recommend trying your adventures and look forward to checking out some other events!!
— Nicole M.
Incredibly impressed with the professionalism, value, and FUN provided by Sound Excursions. Will definitely look forward to joining other events in the future.
— Marisa B.
Sound Excursions has found the sweet spot between price, value, duration, and enjoyment. Their crew was upbeat, professional, attentive, and funny. The trip was well worth the price, and lasted all day from start to finish. What can you do in Seattle for an entire day for this price? The list is pretty short, and Sound Excursions is at or near the top of it.
— Jesse H.
Very enjoyable experience. Well organized and informative. The chief clearly explained the important parts of the process and took us step by step through the making of five different rolls. The class was all and more than we could have expected. Thanks to all involved!