Water Shoes, Towel, Swimsuit, Extra change of clothes, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Hat, Drinking Water, Snacks for the bus ride, Cash for shopping in Leavenworth, any additional beverages, and tip for your awesome bus driver ($5 recommended) * Government Issued ID

Bring a small day bag for your change of clothes, and anything you want for exploring Leavenworth! Pack light! You will be carrying this bag around with you.

Sandals and flip flops are great but water shoes are better if you have them. Plan on wearing shoes you don't mind getting wet, as they will be along for the ride on your tube! You will want shoes for the walk up to the Beer Garden after you get off the river, as the pavement can be hot.

- Where do I park?  How much will it cost?

 Seattle Departures:  You will park in South Lake Union near our check in location (1043 Harrison Street, between Terry and Boren).  There are multiple parking garages in the area, as well as all day street parking for those attending on Sunday. We cannot guarantee garage pricing for any garage in the area. We recommend utilizing public transportation, ride share services like Uber or Lyft, or getting a ride from a friend!

Bellevue Departures: You can park in Eastgate Park and Ride (free) and proceed to the check-in location.

- Is there a bathroom on the bus?

     Yes - there is a bathroom on board the bus that you will be able to use during the 2.5 hour drive!


     We recommend arriving at check-in with your swim wear on under your clothes. There is a bathroom on board the bus where you can change on the 2.5 hour drive to Leavenworth, but it can be challenging! Keep in the mind, the bus is constantly moving. It's always a smart idea to bring a light jacket or sweater for the bus ride, in case you get cold. You will want to check the weather forecast for Leavenworth on the morning on your event date and plan accordingly. We recommend water-resistant or water-friendly foot wear, as there is a short walk from the take-out point on the river up to the beer garden. Sunglasses and hats are also recommended! Don't forget the sunscreen!


     No, there is no area to change when you arrive. Again, we recommend that you arrive at check-in already in your swim wear under your clothing.

- What happens to my things when I am on the river?

     Anything you wish to have meet you after you get off the river (towels, change of clothes, wallet, phone, etc.) you will carry down to the beer garden after we park the bus near the Gazebo in town.  Anything you leave at the beer garden will be safe guarded while you are on the river.  Keep in mind - you will have to carry this bag around with you when you explore Leavenworth, so try to keep the bag small and light!  All other belongings can be left on the bus, you just wont' have access to them until we depart from Leavenworth later in the day. (The bus remains locked until 30 minutes prior to departure)

- Will we be making a stop so I can purchase beVERAGES before we arrive at the river?

     No.  We do not stop anywhere you can purchase beverages for the river.  Any beverages you wish to bring with you on the river must be purchased ahead of time. The consumption of alcohol on the river is not permitted, in accordance with Washington State Liquor Laws.

- Is beer OR ALCOHOL included?

     No, beer and alcohol is not included in your ticket price, in regulation with state liquor laws.  Der Hinterhof will have beer available for purchase once you get off the river.  There will also be cocktail specials at the beer garden! We will have complimentary bottomless lemonade available for you in the beer garden!


     No. Alcohol is not included in your ticket and drinking is not required to attend! There is plenty to do in town and lots of tasty non-alcoholic beverages at the beer garden after the float!

- Can I bring beverages on the river?

     Yes, you can bring beverages on the river.  However, do NOT bring glass and ALWAYS keep your litter and trash with you (there will be trash can at the end of the river for you to dispose of any garbage). Drinking or consuming alcohol on the river is not permitted.

- Can I bring my dog on the trip?

     No.  We are not able to include your awesome dog on this trip!  We love dogs, but you'll have to leave them at home while you're out tubing! Certified service animals are permitted with advance notice and proper documentation.

- Can I bring my cooler on the river?

     Yes, but we will not be able to provide you with a tube for your cooler.  Some guests have tied their coolers to their tube and drag it behind or beside their tube - completely up to you! As a reminder, it is illegal to consume alcohol on the river.

- Are life jackets provided?

    Yes - personal flotation devices will be provided by our tubing partner!  We recommend that every guest take a personal flotation device with them. You are not required to wear one, but it is recommended if you are not a strong swimmer.

- Will the event be cancelled due to weather?

     No.  Our events happen rain or shine!  In our experience, it has been sunny and warm during the summer in Leavenworth.  If rain does occur, it's intermittent and passes quickly.  In the event of a major weather incident, customers will be notified within 24 hours of the event, if the event is cancelled!

- Can I bring someone who is under 21 years old?

Due to the adult content on this trip, we have restricted this event to guests above the age of 21 only.

- I want to go on the trip, but drive myself.  Is this an option?

No. You will not be able to meet up with our group if you drive yourself. Please reach out to Cassie@soundexcursions.com and she will get you the necessary information to plan an awesome day (without transportation and meal).


Our policy is no refunds or reschedules. You are more than welcome to transfer your ticket to a friend! If you have any concerns, please email events@soundexcursions.com for more information.